We Bring the Party To You!

Whether you're planning a corporate event, wedding, private party, or any type of gathering, we can provide a mobile bar fully licensed, insured, and staffed!

Planning Your Event- Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bartenders do I need?

We require 2 bartenders for every event, however anything over 200 guests, we recommend adding an additional bartender.

A Mobile Bar? Really?

Yes, Bar2U is one of the first commercially available mobile bar trucks, it's like a food truck, but with a bar instead of a grill! Please note, our mobile bar truck are only available for private, non-ticketed events. We can also go into indoor venues and have portable bars for rent.

What about insurance and licensing?

Bar2U is fully licensed through the state of Michigan and we carry liability insurance as well.

How does pricing work?

Bar setup fee is $3.25/person, minimum charge of 100 guests. Includes complete setup and tear down of bar services, cups, straws, napkins, garnishes & ice. All you need to do is add liquor, beer, wine, or mixers. Click here to build your quote

What kind of training do you provide your staff?

All of our staff are professionally trained and have experience in bar service. In addition, all bartenders are required to be TIPS certified, which is a four-hour class on alcohol intervention procedures.

Will bartenders require proof of age?

Yes! Please note that under no circumstances will any of our bartenders serve anyone under the age of 21. If there is any doubt, our bartenders will request proof of drinking age. Sorry - No Exceptions.